Sunday, June 3, 2012

It's been a long time since I blogged.  I've recently gone through a career changing experience. I tore my ACL in the middle of a title fight I was completely dominating and in control of.  Not only that, but it was on my birthday.  My birthday!!!  Sometimes I wonder why bad things happen to good people, but I've come to the conclusion that it happens to make you better.  You look to the sky and ask why, but there's no answer.  You can't ask why, just keep moving forward to improve your position.  Everything in life is an experience, and it's not what it is, it's how you handle it.  Positivity is the only way.  My heart hurts badly.  I feel I was done wrong, especially after the No Contest was overturned by the Colorado Athletic Commission to a TKO loss.  But you won't look at me without a smile, that's for dame sure... take a look at my knee, I'm still smiling.

I ain't trippin at all..  my  best friend has been through this surgery and is recovering from his second shoulder surgery as I type.  I gain a lot of strength from his strength.  God puts people in your life for a reason.  There is nothing you can't overcome, I know this.  My surgeon is the best Texas has to offer.  He's told me my knee will be better than it was before the injury.  You best believe I'll do everything possible to make sure that happens.  Even though my ACL was obliterated. Mind over matter.
And I ain't too proud to tell you that I cry sometime about it.  Boy that shit hurt, but ain't nobody perfect, but still I can make it work.  6 months from now you're gonna see Adam Schindler back in the cage & I can guarantee you that.  Better than ever and ready to prove all haters wrong.

I never believed in haters, but recently realized I actually had some.(like anyone could not like me??  I know)  There will always be someone who doesn't want to see you succeed, but just dig down deep and find that inner strength to push through.  If MMA has taught me anything, it's that you have to watch your back.  If you're as lucky as me, you will have that handful of people you can trust no matter what.

So what I can tell to anyone is to trust your heart.  Fight as hard as  you possibly can(no matter what you're doing).  Give it everything.  So even if you fall short, there's nothing you can't hold your head high about.  You are your own best ally, your mind.  Stay strong and you can do anything, ANYTHING!! Look at me, I came from nothing in a small town in WV and I'm making waves.....  I'll continue to make waves till the day I die.  Be extraordinary!!  You can be, I promise.  I'll see you in 6 months on HDNet baby.  Better watch out for Schindiggity!!

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